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Make your balls hang lower!


Affordable Ball Stretcher Weights Stretching Weights Penis Weights. Enhance Your Balls or Penis using Metal Stretching Weights. Our Ball Stretchers come in a variety of sizes with Chrome, Steel and metal finishes. Stretch your balls, Penis / Glans  or both.

If you are new to the idea of using weight for cock and ball stretching, you may wonder just why any man would want to do that. Thatís a valid question. Men love the way it feels when their balls hang down. There is a good reason for this. You already know that it is the job of your balls to keep your sperm in peak condition by keeping your balls at a lower body temperature. When the muscles in your groin relax the ball sac to let your balls hang down, thus cooling off when your body is hot. This action produces a very pleasurable sensation and a lot of men want to repeat this feeling over and over. Most men also think that low hanging balls and bigger cock are better looking and sexier.

Another way that ball stretching is used involves the world of domination and submissiveness.. Many submissive men find that they really enjoy ball stretching with metal weights when it is done by a Mistress or Master as a part of a domination session. This would most likely be made more painful than if you are doing it just to make your balls hang lower, or to enjoy that special sensation of low hanging balls

The really good thing about ball stretcher weights is that it is not limited to just couple play. Ball stretching with weight can be incorporated into masturbation experiences, too. Men who enjoy this sort of stimulation tend to like the feeling of having their sacs stretched all the way out. They also like looking down and seeing their balls all tied up. This produces a feeling somewhere between a dull ache and great pleasure.

Penis/ glans or Ball stretching is by no means something that everyone likes, but a large part of the male population does enjoy it. As with many other sexual enhancers, there is a right way and a wrong way to engage in ball stretching. Ball stretching with weight the wrong way can result in some temporary to permanent harm.

The one rule to remember in ball and penis stretching is that you have some sort of injury to that part of your body you will not want to engage in this sort of pleasuring. It will probably hurt more than anything else, not to mention that you could cause additional injury.
Our ball stretcher and penis enhancer devices are known as the metal split rings, or steel ball stretchers. These vary in weight and are of top quality. The weight splits in half and is then situated around your balls scrotum sack or penis glans head. It is secured in place by two screws as they are tightened by an allen key. Sizing with the split weights stretching device is easier because of this and can be a lot more comfortable. They are heavier in weight which will add to the stretching action.
If you are feeling particularly brave, you might try our metal weight penis and ball stretching devices. These are naturally heavy, and metal emphasize the downward pull. 

Most likely you have already played around with more than one set of balls, and yes, YOURS also count. So, you will know that both the size of balls and the how loose the sacs are can vary from one man to another. But did you know that the bigger the balls, and the lower the sac hangs, the easier you will have it.

If you are into ball stretching just to make your balls lower hanging, you will need to give it a few weeks before you notice a continual difference. During that time, conduct your ball stretching sessions on a daily basis. For some men, it even takes as long as 6 months before you see your ball stretching paying off. The thing to remember, though, is to always be safe. You donít want to leave the penis / ball stretching devices on for too long at a time, or you could cause yourself irreparable harm. Also, be careful to keep the sessions pleasurable, unless you happen to LIKE bondage with pain.

 Moderation is the key when you are first getting into ball stretching.

Once you have engaged in ball stretching on your own a few times, you will most likely be ready to let someone else in on the fun. This can be done with gay couples or straight couples. It can even be incorporated into threesomes and other types of group sex. First, letís see what fun you can have with just one other person.

Although straight men can have a lot of fun by incorporating ball stretching into a couple experience, gay men really can have the best fun because ball stretching is something they can BOTH enjoy doing at the same time. You should discuss it with your partner before going into a joint ball stretching session, just be sure that you are both on the same page. It could be that your partner has tried it before and either already has some experience, or has decided he does not like it. Either way, these are things that are good to know ahead of time.

As mentioned before, straight couples can also enjoy incorporating ball stretching into their sexual encounters. Surprisingly enough, many women also enjoy seeing low hanging balls on their men. In fact, they enjoy it so much, that many are not only willing, but excited, to help their men with their ball and penis stretching sessions. A lot of women will go shopping with their boyfriends and husbands to find the latest and best in ball stretching devices. Some women say they like the fact that their menís cocks look longer with low hanging balls. Others delight in the way these balls seem to fit into tight jeans, making a manís crotch look ďfuller.Ē

The men lucky enough to be involved with understanding and appreciative women such as these will have all the help they could ever want with making their ball stretching a success. Women love putting the ball stretching devices on their menís balls. Some will start out doing it at the very beginning, while others work it into fucking in a sexy hot way.

Penis and or Ball stretching is an activity that can be solo or all inclusive. It is totally up to you and the other people involved as to how you do it. A solo session can be very erotic, just as a ball stretching session incorporated into a sexual encounter and shared with someone else can be highly sensual. Ball stretching also has its place in the world of kink. This is probably one of the more versatile sexual experiences. It simply fits everywhere. There are few criticisms of ball stretching once the facts are out and understood. When looked at closely, Stretching with ball weights can be a very erotic and sensual experience, as well as a way to change the look of a manís balls. There are not that many sexual activities that can attest to that.

Some of those male enhancement aids MIGHT make your cock appear a bit larger. So, you can see that there are limits as to what you can do to change the appearance of your cock. Penis weights can give length and girth and, you CAN make your balls drastically different. By engaging in ball stretching, you can change the way your balls look. They will stretch so that they hang much lower. When your balls are changed so much that they are impressively lower hanging, that is what will be noticed first. You are, in essence, camouflaging whatever you feel is wrong with your cock, with your now impressive appearing balls.

Some men are just genetically lucky. They are born with perfectly formed cocks along with nice low hanging balls. These men may not understand ball stretching because they will, most likely, never have the need for it. If these types of men ever do engage in ball stretching, it will be for reasons of experiencing a different kind of stimulation, or possibly during domination session. Just because you may have the perfect cock and balls does not mean you have to miss out on the exquisite sensations that Cock and ball stretching can provide. As stated before, ball stretching is an activity or practice that any man can try, whether they need their cocks or balls appearance altered, or not.

If you decide to that ball stretching is something you want to experience, please be cautious. Read everything you can find on the subject before going into your first foray. Itís safe to say that a manís balls are very important to him, and they need to be treated with care. If you are lucky enough to hook up with someone who has vast experience in ball or penis stretchers, follow his instructions to the letter, as he will know what he is talking about. In addition, he will know just how to make your sessions as pleasurable as it can possibly be.

Whichever way you decide to go with ball stretching, make sure above all else, that it is something you want to do. Set out to make it as enjoyable and pleasurable as you possibly can, and most of all, stay safe while engaging in it.

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