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Cock Rings

Rubber Cock Rings are great to use with Edging or Ballooning exercises and/or Pumping Routines!


Rubber Cock, Ball, Glans Rings

3 Piece Set


$6.00 per set


Small Set Includes
1 - 1-7/8" Inch Cock Ring
1 - 1-3/8" Inch Ball / Scrotum or Penis Base Ring
1 -  7/8" Inch Glans / Head Ring


Medium Set Includes
1 - 2 Inch Cock Ring
1 - 1-1/2 Inch Ball/Scrotum or Penis base Ring
1 - 1 Inch Glans / Head Ring


Large Set Includes
1 - 2-1/8" Inch Cock Ring
1 - 1-5/8" Inch Ball / Scrotum or Penis Base Ring
1 -  1-1/8" Inch Glans / Head Ring


Extra Large Set Includes
1 - 2-1/4" Inch Cock Ring
1 - 1-3/4" Inch Ball / Scrotum or Penis Base Ring
1 - 1- 1/2" Inch Glans / Head Ring


All Ring are 1/8 Inch Thick

All Ring are 1/8 Inch Thick


These simple cock rings can be used singly or stack them for more width; Ball Stretchers; Head Rings; Cock Rings and lots of other creative uses. Great when  Combined with our Glans/Penis and Ball Stretching Weights as well as pumping.

For that longer lasting hardness you and your partner desire.
These 3 rubber rings come in 3 different sizes.
Put your cock, balls and or glans head into each of the 3 rings and
enhance your love making performance with long lasting stamina.

Wear them all day, get noticed with your BIGGER BULGE!

Small, Medium Large and Extra Large Sizes






Stainless Steel

1-5/8 Inch Cock Ring 




Unique Horseshoe Style

1-5/8" Polished Stainless Steel use as a cock ring or ball stretcher weight

Add bulk to your bulge! Prolong your erection and stamina!

2 piece design. Pin can be removed for easy installation (not required)

Can be used as a ball stretcher weight at a little under 5 ounces its great beginners weight.
1 3/4" Overall Inside Dimension
2 3/8" Outside Dimension
3/8" Thick

Comes with Ring and velvet storage bag





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