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Hanging is perhaps the oldest self-applied method of penis enlargement, with evidence suggesting it was practiced by certain African tribes as much as 2,000 years ago.

The idea behind weight hanging is to stretch the tunica albuginea and other various tissues of the penis or balls. The general effect is to elongate the penis or scrotum sac. Penis widening can also occur, commonly at the base of the penis. If you stay at it very consistently and use other forms of stretching ie jeqing, edging and/or ballooning in your routine, then it is possible to get results. This is something you want to gradually work into and increase the weight as you get use to it.




How Do You Measure Up?

Cock Rings (see chart below)

To fit properly, a cockring should be loose enough to get on and off easily, but a bit snug to work its magic once the blood starts pumping. To measure yourself for a cockring, when totally flaccid take a string or a sewing type tape measure and slip it behind your balls and tug it up around the top of your penis (where it meets your body). Mark the string on both sides where it comes together at snugness thats comfortable for you. Remove the string and measure between the marks. This measurement will give you your circumference, now take your circumference measurement and divide by pi (3.14). This measurement will give you your diameter or ring size.

Ball Stretchers (see chart below)

The same technique for measuring cock rings is used again - with the exception, that we don't measure at the base of the penis. The point for measurement is between the penis and testicles. You will need to pull the testicles down and measure the circumference, this is best done after taking a hot shower or bath. Once you convert the circumference measurement by dividing it by 3.14 using the formula above you should have your measurement (look at our instructions on measuring for a cockring).
The Ball Stretcher inside diameter: it is best to allow a little extra on this as your testis will shrink up/down with temperature changes.

Penis Weights (see chart below)

Use the same formula of dividing your measurement by pi 3.14.
When totally flaccid measure just behind the penis/glan head. The weight should be snug so not to slip off when worn. The head lip will be what holds the weight in place so its important to get a good measurement. Measure 2 or 3 times at your absolute most flaccid state.
When stacking penis weights its best to go a little larger in diameter after the first weight.

These are rounded numbers for your circumference. Any measurement around these sizes will do. 
Your Measure         Ring/Weight Size

     2 ¾”                     7/8” ring or 3.5oz

 3 1/8”                    1.0” ring or 4oz

       3 1/2”                    1 1/8” ring or 4.5oz

   4.0”                      1 ¼” ring or 5oz

  4 ¾”                     1 ½ ring or 6oz

     5 ½”                     1 ¾” ring or 11oz

   6 ¼”                     2.0” ring or 12oz
any size bigger than 7 inches contact customer service for special orders

So you want to build one of those gorgeous sets of low-hanging, heavy swinging balls? We can help, read on!

A little anatomy lesson
First, you need to understand the anatomy of what you are working with. The testicles are pretty much free inside the scrotal sac, but they aren't held up by the scrotum. They are supported by what I'll call "suspenders" from the inner side of the pubic bone. This is a unique tissue that acts a little like a ligament- but it's more flexible and extends or contracts in reaction to temperature. The scrotal sac itself also reacts to temperature. There's also the plumbing; blood vessels and the passages that carry sperm to the seminal vesicle, located by the prostrate. It is the seminal vesicle that produces semen, the fluid part of the ejaculate, while the testicles produce sperm, or the "active ingredient". It is the seminal vesicle that spasms and ejaculates; not the testicles. To build low hangers, you have to stretch the scrotum to make room for them, and you need to stretch the plumbing as well- but the most difficult part is to stretch those "suspenders", the strong tissues that adjust the travel range of the testicles. I call the relevant parts of this process "the elements of success".

The elements of success: Understanding the role of Temperature
The keys to stretching these tissues starts with Temperature. Sperm production takes place not at 98.6 F., but at 96-97 degrees- cooler than the normal body temp by a couple of degrees. The body wants to produce sperm; so if the testicles are warmer than the ideal temperature, the body drops them to cool them off. If they are colder, it pulls them in to warm them. Warmth encourages the body to release the tension in the suspending tissues, and let the testicles down. In the extended state, what you do to stretch those tissues further is actually working on the tissues- like stretching a straight piece of wire. In a contracted state, what you do is working against a contraction- like pulling on a spring. So stretching is best accomplished by keeping the testicles on the warm and extended side as much as possible.

Weights are usually fairly uncomfortable, in part because people use too much weight or too small a size. The center hole sizing is important, in that too small an opening cuts off circulation and too large an opening falls off unexpectedly (and then out your pants leg). Too heavy becomes unbearably painful and tends to cut circulation off too.

Wearing Weights

The best way to wear weights is to buy them slightly larger in inner diameter than needed, and short in height- you can wear more than one if you want more tension. Next, cut the foot portion off of a sock, preferably from one with a light athletic weight fabric. Slide this over the testicles, then install the weight. The sock has taken up the over-sizing of the ring, but cushions the weight and has less circulation interference than steel on skin.

Now, fold the upper part of the sock down over the weight and the scrotum. Add a rubber band just below the weight. Pick the size carefully- not so tight as to constrict the scrotum, but enough to hold the sock in under the weight a bit. Now, the sock has cushioned your legs and body from the steel. It's also helping keep both your scrotum and the steel warm, encouraging the natural extension of the tissues. You can compensate for size variation by using different thickness of sock material.

IT'S CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to realize that you MUST NOT cut off circulation with any device or practice! To do that will cause permanent injury! This is a gentle process, done with patience rather than power. If your balls are turning blue, something is too tight, and must be loosened or removed!!! This is especially important if you wear any device overnight, where it's possible for circulation loss to occur without your being aware of it. A little discomfort is normal- but pain is an indicator of excess, as is loss of normal color. Unless you are reckless and ignore this advice, it's unlikely you will have any problems. Otherwise, take note- Continuing pain is an indicator that you have severely injured yourself, and should see your doctor ASAP! If you are thinking "If a little tension is good, a lot must be better" you should remember... that doctor is going to ask you "Just exactly what have you been doing to your balls?"

If in doubt about the safety of your process, back off. Use common sense, and above all- be gentle, these are the family jewels! Good luck in your endeavors. In time you’ll be the most envied guy in the bed and or locker room.


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