Kegeling 101

Kegel exercises are one of the best ways to increase the overall health and stamina of the penis. Kegels provide a wide range of sexual benefits, including increased penile blood flow, stronger, harder erections, and an increased ability to control ejaculation and last longer in bed. Kegels can even increase orgasm intensity!


Kegels and penis enlargement: Kegeling while doing Jelqs, Edging, Ballooning, Penis and/or Ball stretchers or any penile exercise promotes more blood flow to the penis. In turn, this often enhances the effectiveness of each exercise. So once you get the hang of kegeling, combine Kegels with your other exercises.

Kegels exercises aren't just for men: Kegels can be done by both men and women. Teach your partner to do Kegels and greatly add pleasure to your sexual experience. If a woman squeezes her PC muscle (i.e, kegels) during intercourse, her vagina and anus tightens while increasing the pleasure for everyone involved! This works as well with gay males having anal sex.


The Kegel is different from all the other penile exercises in that it actually contracts and strengthens real skeletal muscles - your pelvic floor muscles (commonly referred to as the PC muscle or pubococcygeus muscle).


As a side note, the PC muscle is actually a misnomer. When you Kegel, you're really exercising multiple muscles - along with your PC muscle, the Kegel exercises your IC muscle and BC muscle. For the sake of simplicity, we'll stick with the norm of calling the pelvic floor muscles by one name: the PC muscle.

Finding the PC muscle is easy. The next time you're urinating, stop your pee mid-flow. The muscles used to stop urinating is your PC muscle.


To kegel, contract your PC muscle when you're not urinating. Try holding the contraction for as long as possible. You probably can't hold it for longer than a few seconds, if that. Many men can't hold the contraction at all. This just means you have a weak PC muscle.

But not to worry, by doing just a few Kegels here and there, you'll be able to dramatically improve the strength of your PC muscle - and you'll reap the rewards in the bedroom.

The best part about the Kegel is that it doesn't require any assistance from your hands or legs. You can Kegel anywhere, anytime -- whether it's in a car, at the computer, while running, or even while you're at work.


Since your PC muscle is actually a skeletal muscle, like your biceps and triceps, you'll want to give it enough rest to nourish and grow. Just like your other muscles, your PC muscle is easily over-trained.  To avoid over-training, don't Kegel every day. Instead, only Kegel three to four days a week.


For the first few weeks: Do 50 Kegels every other day. Each Kegel should be contracted for one to five seconds, depending on the strength of your PC muscle. The first time you Kegel, it probably won't last much longer than a second or two. With more exercise and experience, your PC muscle will become much stronger and your Kegels will last much longer.

Over time: Gradually incorporate more Kegels into your routine. Work up to five to ten minutes a day, four days a week. This should be fairly easy to do, since you can do Kegels anywhere, anytime. Many penile exercisers do them on their morning commute to work, for example. Eventually, spice it up and try holding your Kegels for as long as possible.



Once your PC muscle is strong, you'll have the ability to stop yourself from ejaculating.  To do this, you'll need to be able to hold a tight Kegel contraction for at least 10 seconds. Once you can do that, try the following method for delaying ejaculation:

Kegel right before you hit the “point of no return” – the point where semen starts moving through your penis and ejaculation is inevitable.

Hold the contraction for roughly 10 seconds or more.

After the urge to ejaculate has gone away, release the Kegel.

It's that easy! The hard part is building up your PC muscle so it's strong enough to withstand the pressure of ejaculating. Accordingly, learning this process may actually take you anywhere from a few weeks to months to even years.

Many men report that learning exactly when to Kegel is another hard part of the process. This part can take practice, patience, and a lot of attempts (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), but is well worth the end result.

The Kegel and premature ejaculation:

"Uh-Oh, I am coming too quickly. . . What did I do?" Some men find themselves ejaculating quicker than normal when they first start kegeling. If this happens to you, be sure that you're relaxing your PC muscle while having sex. Many penile exercisers find that once they learn how to Kegel, they're unconsciously kegeling during sex. This quickly drains the strength of the PC muscle.

Don't give up on kegeling if it causes temporary premature ejaculation. This beginner kegeling side effect typically passes in just a few weeks time - and you'll be able to last even longer in the bedroom once you get over it. The stronger your PC muscle, the easier it is to stop yourself from ejaculating altogether.

Good Luck and Enjoy your New Sexual Experiences!


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